Decision times

“Decision times are difficult, but they are also the gateway to new paradigms, possibly better ones”, said once Julio Machado Vaz in his magnificent talk show “The Sex of the Angels”.

That stuck with me. Sometimes I feel this growing discomfort that I barely know where it’s coming from. And as the mist slowly fades away, I realise it was my subconscient asking me for a decision that I had been protelating for long enough. When eventually i do take the decision, i emerge into a new sense of strength and well-being and self-conquer and self-knowledge. You stand your ground against a situation that was getting your your nerves, you face the consequences that might be, to the last of it, f**k it, and the world has to adapt or get off your face, cos you do not yield where it matters. And that feels good. And then you deserve your space among the living.

Been going through a self-discovery decision period in my life. Change is coming my friends. Prepare for my next new phase 🙂


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