The upmost importance of symmetry

Humans love symmetry. Buildings are built with symmetry in mind. Studies have shown symmetrical faces are consistently considered more beautiful. And symmetric bodies. Symmetry gets high points in our perception, regardless of Spanish outliers like Desigual or Picasso 🙂

Why that matters? Peacoks. Female peacocks, relatively ugly though they are, love beauty too. For them, a beautiful male is the one with most eyes in his tale. The most beautiful male in the lot gets to copulate all season and fathers the entire next generation. While the second best, well, suffers 🙂 It turns out tail eyes are a sign of health and better equipped immune systems. Healthier stronger males are perceived as more likely to produce healthier stronger babies.

Peacocks are more elegant in that. Chimps and so many other species just pick the male that vanquishes all others at fight. Not the human strategy, at least not all the time.

So it is licit to hypothesise that the underlying sense of beauty is an indication of health.

I can testify for that.  

That’s me in 2009. Hot, I know 🙂 But you’re not looking carefully enough. And you are lacking one vital piece of information. I put myself in that position so as to be at my stable-most to take a photo that wouldn’t shake! And still it shook! My stable most position was a twisted hip, lowered shoulder, tilted head, argh. At this time, I was in pain all the time, tho not telling anyone to protect my social life. I was also emotionally very vulnerable, just as vulnerable as my body was.
That’s me in 2013. Bigger, I know, OK! But so proud that my stable most position is so much more symmetrical! Though not entirely, but such progress. This was taken during my solo trip to Thailand, Ana braving the world, something I would have been terrified to do in 2009! At this time, there were sometimes crises and I did have to dock at my brother’s house in Hong Kong to recover a hurt foot. But there was no constant pain and mostly everything in my life was so much better and my soul was beaming.

I can’t even do the position of the first photo anymore!

Two tips to be discussed in future blogs:

– your whole body conspires for you to be symmetrical. If it is not, it is because there is a structural obstacle. Find it! There’ll be tips for where to look.

– the effect of more symmetry is pervasive to every aspect of your life: love, work, friendship so, resilience, beauty, health, pain, etc etc. I’ll also explain how that goes.

Have a great day!


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