How to be successful at flirting and work

I believe in good vibes and bad vibes. Like electricity. Vibes are all around us and in us. When you have good thoughts, you are feeding good vibes in you. Love is the strength of good vibes. When you are pessimistic, you are feeding the bad vibes around you. Fear is the strength of bad vibes.

You want to finish a love? Mention how afraid you are of how things will turn out. Of whether he loves you enough. Go into that side of you where there is fear: love walks out the door. Believe in this love: watch you guys fly up high together into heaven and shake earth in your passing, quite literally. Love and fear are like light and darkness, they cannot coexist, they start cancelling each other out. Love and optimism are the energy of God and all good things, fear and pessimism is the opposite.

Remember, we have evolved to abore fear. Even peaceful dogs attack when they feel your fear. Fear is freeky! When you are optimistic at heart, people see in you a light they want more of.

When my body was weaker, I used to be way more fearful and everything was so much harder. Making friends, waking up, finding love, travelling, making my boss appreciate me enough. I was always burdened by, gosh, by life! When I became more symmetrical and more pain free but also when I got a job speaking to others, I realised my speaking lit up the room, people woke up from their dorment states and smiled and connected. I had no idea of this before because I never used to put myself in that position, I had always been the quiet one. This new awareness started a spark of optimism and self-confidence in my life. That has been growing ever since. I started approaching anyone with the inbuilt conviction that they too would have a good time speaking to me. And they did. Now guy seats next to me for ten minutes, he wants a relationship in not that long!!!!! Seriously, I’ve been having to manage at least two people wanting me properly in their lives for over a year now (it’s tiring :)!! And that is uncommon not just for me (years of struggle in that department before) but for so so many men and women out there!

The trick to flirting is to speak to everyone with equal disengaged love. Even if they’re drop dead gorgeous, they’re your equals, they’re just another human being! And if they are very amazing in most people’s eyes, it is so refreshing for them to seat next to someone who feels at their height! Didnt George Clooney fall head over heals for the one woman who didn’t worship him?! Why would anyone want to hang out with you if you have already put yourself in a position of inferiority? They’re better off walking off with that vain superficial girl/guy who didn’t. 

So speak to everyone like you speak to the grocery lady. Big smiles, lots of humanity, treat them for the human they are, not the looks they have. Looks are passing. Looks are objectification and when someone is put in a pedestal for their looks, they feel not much need to respect you that much, because really you are giving them the same respect you give a pair of shoes or any other luxury object you selfishly want to possess to brighten up your life. 

Entertain them and be entertained by them for however long you have together, like you would the smiling attendant lady at the shop, bright eyed, but do not focus on the outcome, who cares if you ever see them again, if you do you do, if you dont, there’ll be another train soon enough with some other dude sitting next to you. And please do not ever think “maybe he’s the one”. He/she has to prove himself to be the one, this guy is probably not good enough in many of the other things that are important to you…

Coming from a place of self-trust and optimism and love has helped me at work too. I take charge of situations I think are important and make an effort to influence the final result, whilst before I might have thought I was destined to navigate the tides others made wrong. I get so much more appreciation and respect!

Anyway, go get them tiger!

Note: this relates to the law of attraction. Self guided meditation / hypnosis videos on YouTube can help change your inbuilt believes about yourself. I found.


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