I will start by saying that I am of course not in favour of the deforestation of Amazonia.

But I am also lot in favour of the self de-responsibilisation the countries who do not have forests anymore tend to make. In fact, the way we all point a blaming finger at Brazil and the few other countries who have any form of decent forests and accuse them of not looking after the lungs of the world is quite forgetful. It is forgetful of the fact that most other countries in the world have once been covered with luscious forests. That we meticulously cut down in the name of progress. This has allowed our ancestors to accumulate wealth that they reverted into industrialisation and that ultimately still reflects itself on a different wealth level among nations. Yet we expected economically poorer countries to not do not the same.

If we reaaaaly cared that much about the lungs of the planet, we would allot a percentage of our land to reforestation. Because forests can be planted! And of course it is not the same as a full blown virgin forest with its own animals and plants that do not exist elsewhere and could hold the cure for cancer and what other wonders, or its own native Indians who have never seen other humans.

But if it is lungs of the earth you are worried about, put your money where your mouth is.

Some even say investing in forests could be economically rewarding (source)!

But of course it is difficult to evict farmers or face all the complications such a concerted change would imply. So we fill ourselves with righteousness and blame others. For our own sins. Bah!


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