What sparks love?, part 2

Yesterday I spoke about how we fall in love when we spot in others a path for our personal progression as humans on Earth. And how, without this, attraction dissolves into nothingness in about 2-3 months.

But before I used to think we fall in love when we find great sex. Are the two visions reconcilable at all?

Sex can be just material. A matter of body parts in different angles and placements. And, exciting though that can be, even if both parties achieve physically strong orgasms, even if both parties are content with the state of their relationship, this type of sex can leave us feeling… profoundly unsatisfied. I felt this way for 4.5 years of my life, since the break-up of my previous relationship. And that felt hopelessly lonely.

Then there is another form of sex. It happens when both people have a deep sense of rhythm and their rhythms just naturally resonate together. Then when their bodies touch, body parts matter not at all. Eyes role backwards and, following their combined rythym, they enter another dimension of self, a space between heaven and earth from which day-to-day troubles are trivial and our higher selves are clear. In the middle of that haze, in this ethereal form, the lovers meet again and their rhythms converge some more and they enter yet a deeper level of understanding of existence and knowledge and the dance repeats itself, ever more profound, until completion. And then the two bodies rest, still in this space that is not of this world, their bodies liquid  and melting together at a subatomic level.

And if this sounds poetic, it has happened to me.

And if you find this, it doesn’t matter if you stay together for a day or a year or a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if otherwise the relationship works or not. You are “in love”. And fully satisfied. You are in love because you found a gateway for ultimate progression.

Sex has been understood as a path for progression of the soul for long. Pagan religions were so renouned. Also Tantric Bhudism (which is a whole branch of Bhudism and the national religion of Butan) places sex as a deep form of meditation where two people exchange energy and reach nirvana together. Few times are we as vulnerable as in sex. And in that vulnerability lies a key to our subconscious minds. A path to self progression that sets the brain to rest. Because progression is then no longer an intellectual exercise but an intuitive one, that includes your whole body, mind, and soul. Body mind and soul being one and the same, that is the surest way to move forwards.

So yes, the two statements we started from are fully reconcilable. And Voltaire was such a cool dude.


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