Sometimes you just gotta break up. 

I find two such occasions:

– when you like him more than he likes you, you break up as soon as you can bare the distance after you realise this is never going to meet your minimum happiness requirements the way it’s going.

– when he likes you more, you break up when he starts getting on your nerves more and more and you just feel like shouting at him half the time. Which of course is not right on anybody!

The sooner you do it the better. Leave space for a balanced relationship to enter your life.

I used to be the most “loyal” person in the world. Once I “adopted” someone, I just was there for them 100%. Now I realise that is a waste of a life. We are all grown ups and can recover soon enough. If you break up early, you just have to endure one or two days of utter sadness, little grieving time, and you’re up and running again. It is important not to be afraid to bite that little sadness bullet. Not doing so means tying yourself and others in a situation that isn’t fair on anybody, that doesn’t bring out the best sides of you, that will break up anyway, later and with more pain.

They say it takes as much time to recover from a relationship as it takes to be in it! I spent a total of 12 years of my life grieving for the break up of the 2 long-term relationships I was in, which in total lasted 12 years. I’m not risking more time for anyone who is not raising to the job early on. Don’t have time for that.

Does that mean I will be alone forever, because I don’t put in the effort? Maybe. But two points there. What if I am?!! I get to pick my travel destinations myself and get to entertain myself with the scenery much more and better than if I am tied up to Mr Wrong. There is quality in a little self space. My family, my sun, my money, my freedom. My life is too precious to waste.


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