I want to live where my feet are. I discovered this in adolescence. I took a beautiful trip around my country with my brother and his family. I was upset most of the time. I would be looking at beautiful scenery and I would be thinking of things that weren’t in the picture: my life’s sense, my family conflicts and whatever other nonsense my brain was busy with. I was like “that’s beautiful” and I would go back to listening to my internal chatter.

Then the trip came to an end. And my brain gave me as souvenirs not the irrelevant chatter of whatever nonsense it was processing at the time, but the beautiful scenery.


This means that we tend to ignore sensory experiences when we have them. And idolise them when they are not there any more. So we are always living with a huge gap between our head and our feet, a gap between the moment we realise experiences and the moment we live them. In the future we idolise the present; in the present we are looking at the past. And that’s absolutely stupid!
I since decided to try and have my head where my feet are, my attention in the now.

I am taking the sun, enjoying my life, don’t want a virtual life. Don’t want to tend to someone who is not there. I think some people call this Mindfulness. If they do, one of us re-invented the wheel 🙂
One practical consequence of this in my life? Phone’s always in silent mode. No SMS, no call, no stupid beep is going to break my present moment when it wants to. I’ll get to it when I’m ready. If you are not in my immediacy, no matter how much I love you, you matter less. My head is where my feet are. And there’s no better place for it to be.


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