Happiness is the biggest turn-on

The biggest bestest flirterer I ever met, OMG, his abilities were epic!, he managed to flirt with three different girls, who all knew each other, in one same party and keep us all feeling special, such a jerk he was but one has to give it to him, flirting at a whole other level. It helped that he was the most enticing dancer I ever met. Seriously, dancing with him would transport any woman to another dimension of existence, right there in front of anyone, hands only where respectfully allowed.

Nothing worthy of its name ever happened between us, I was a favourite for a few months then it died off. How could it have been otherwise, the guy having this sort of dispeakable behaviour!

The reason why I mention him is that he had one good anecdote: “Bunch of girls in a bar. Which one most attracts you? Not the one in the bar who’s giving you the eye. The most attractive one is the happiest.”

That is actually beautiful. Happiness is the biggest turn on. Everyone searches for it. And when spotting it we’re all like flies after the light.

Check out How to be successful at flirting and work for more on this topic.


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