Child care in old persons home

In our Western societies, two groups of people are getting less love than they deserve, and it is precisely the most fragile pieces of the system: our elder and our children.

Both are professionally cared inside institutions where one professional looks over more people than he can possibly love. So both basically take care of themselves.

Let us bring them together. Have a child centre inside an old persons home. Attribute a child to an elder. Give them pair activities to do. Give an old person someone on whom to lavish their huge flows of love. Give a child someone to bring a smile out of. Both would no longer be love deprived! What a better way to let time go by?

Old people tend to die. And sometimes it might be a child’s partner. But this child would be able to understand the brevity of life in a very intuitive way. And the proximity of the heart. And that would make them a better human than you and I can think of. 

Imagine now an old person / child minding home where both your parents and children could go? Uauh.

I dream of this.


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