Evolutionary misconceptions about women

Evolution is an amazing concept. However, I am pretty sure most modern evolutionary scientists are men. And geeks. With next to zero clue of what women are about.I am hereby raising two flags on important misconceptions:

* there is no evolutionary reason for the female orgasm.


Evolution is a game of probabilities. Generations succeed each other throughout millennia and if there is any reason for one random gene mutation to be even slightly more successful at making babies that remain healthy until child bearing years, that mutation eventually propagates to a large proportion of the population. Simple enough.

So, why would evolution reward women’s orgasms? Well, I would bet that a woman who has orgasms is likely to:

– enjoy sex more (dah),

– have sex more often,

– have sex on the days where she is fertile, not just on the days her partner insists,

– puts a bigger emphasis on mating with a highly biologically compatible male, which research has proven to be the basis of attraction: our sense of smell can identify sexual partners whose immune system most complements ours, therefore resulting in healthier babies…

… than a woman who does not.

What part of that isn’t clear to evolutionary scientists?!

* men are biologically programmed to be unfaithful. Whilst women…

Here the misconception is not of evolutionary scientist but of men in general. They say men are biologically programmed to spread their genes to as many fertile women as possible, which makes new women so difficult to resist. And this makes some sense.

But they should really complete that reasoning. Thing is, men have an endless supply of baby-making sperm. While women have only as many ovules as they are born with, one per month through their fertile years. Which means that, despite wanting trust-worthy men by their side to help raise their children, women get a huge evolutionary reward from sharing their very scarce ovules with men with whom they can produce healthier off-spring, i.e. whose immune system is most compatible to their own, i.e. whom she has a kick-ass attraction for on her fertile days.

So, for womanising men, before you use evolution as an excuse to justify not being able to resist cheating on your wife, sit and think that she has to try a hell of a lot harder than you to resist better smelling dudes than you on her fertile days. And if she manages to do it, puny little you can too. Enough silly excuses!


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