The geography of races and the ‘illogicity’ of racism

I am pale white with brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have suffered racism. In Denmark and in Angola. I live in London. The UK has a class system: there is the queen, the upper class and the rest of them. The rest of them is organised by race. With some mingling. But it is hard for certain races to penetrate certain positions in society. Regardless of merit.

The origin of races

Let us start North to South at Europe longitude. In the very top you get blue eyed pale skinned blond people, also known as Arians. At the very bottom, SubSaharan Africa, you get black people with very finely fizzy hair. Anywhere between North and South you get a continuous spectrum between those two colours: Brits are pale but with dark hair; Southern Europeans gradually add dark eyes; Northern Africans gradually add tanned skin tones; Southern Africans add the darker skins and fizzy hair. It’s a continuum, like someone was mixing blue and yellow to get all the different shades of green. Not so different from each other.

Now let’s go West to East along the North Hemisphere. On the West are still the Arians. On the Far East are Japanese like pale Asians, tipped brown eyes, round faces, straight back of skulls. In the middle you get Eastern Europeans and Russians: beautiful blue tipped eyes, round faces, straight back of skulls, hairs of any hue. Again, a gradual transition, a little more of this a little less of that.

Now the same along the South Hemisphere. We have spoken about Southern Africa. On the South East you get the Aborigenous people. From Africa via India to Australia you get darker skinned Asians, with hairs from frizzy to straight to differently frizzy again.

Truth of the matter is our looks are a consequence of our ancestral geography. A natural consequence of love stories between neighbouring villages. A gradual addition of a small proportion of the adjacent gene pool. Like the colours on a painting. Colours of one same painting. Van Gogh didn’t consider his skies more worthy than his earths, whatever colour on his canvas was equally honoured.

A friend of mine puts it beautifully: “We are all equals”.

PS – I did not forget America. Native Americans come originally from Asia, they crossed over during the Ice Age, when the two continents were connected at the top with ice. Native Americans looks, languages and even some foods are Asian. In fact, “tamal” is a celebrated native Mexican dish that has its own festival. Taiwan has a festival for a dish that looks and tastes just the very same (unfortunately I no longer know its name).


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