Trilogies in the body. Key to self-healing.

“Healthy mind, healthy body” goes the saying, acknowledging a duality. I add that mind, body, and soul are three sides of the same coin. Let me phrase it better, they are different manifestations of one same whole and correspond to each other entirely. I give more detail.

When sperm first finds its way into and egg, multiplication of cells starts. At first they are all similar but soon they start to specialise into a trilogy. One part of the cells goes on to form the digestive system, top to bottom, another goes on to form muscles and tendons and organs and most other things, the third part forms what I call the brain system: the brain, the skin, and the intermuscular white membrane that envelops every muscle in the body. For those of you who have ever tranched raw chicken, this part is the white membrane that is easy to cut through. So the brain is made from the same type of cells that wrap everything else in the body, effectively our body being held by an extension of our brain. Why wouldn’t the brain use its farthest parts?

Another well-known trilogy was identified by Freud: conscient, sub-conscient, and unconscient mind. The latter underlies our behaviour and is difficult to access even under hypnosis. Where does the brain store this part of its records that underlie everything and yet are not easily accessible for identification?

It is my opinion that these memories are stored in the white membranes that envelop our muscles throughout. I’m not the only one to think this either. In Brazil there is a field of study called “body reading” that reads your emotional troubles from the location of your physical pains. The left side of the body is related to how we feel about ourselves, our inner world; the right to how we feel about the world, our place in the outer world. Lower members are related to the bases of our life. Shoulders harbour grief. Stomach harbours anger. To name a few. 

When there is trouble in an area of life, the respective body part gets slightly less blood flow or “chi” and our brain has more trouble accessing it and keeping it healthy or even locating it accurately in space. And so in the middle of the chaos of every day activity, troubled areas are more likely to get hurt first. 

A good friend, during his PHD, was really ok risk of not being able to finish it early enough and was afraid for his future and well-being. And sure enough, walking around his contemplation table he would bump his right toe again and again, until we had to go to the hospital once to have it checked, so hard was the bump. I hurt my left knee when the fear a divorce started appearing and for 15 years I prioritised my right leg for any type of locomotion and I excelled professionally but not romantically.

But I have a clearer example of the brain’s ability to store unwanted memories away from its core and around distant muscles. The pain from losing a parent is similar to the pain of divorce. It involves two primordial emotions: sadness and anger. One day I was self-massaging the lower left side of my back while under meditation. And a huge sadness started involving me. I remembered Dad and my ex-husband and the feeling got so powerful I had to leave the area. I went further up a bit. And a huge anger started arising while I thought of the two of them. I had to let go of the area again and came back a little later. When I did, I massaged the whole area thoroughly, so thoroughly there was not one naught left when I was done. I started from close to the spine and finished at the farthest, as if sweeping the naughts and the vibes out.

Until then, during the first two years of my first true relationship after my divorce, which had an abusive nature, whenever he looked like he was going to get angry and leave, which happened every four days precisely, at the first twitch of his face immediately my low left back muscles would contract painfully and unexpectedly so that I had to sit and let him go on his predictable little rant. After this deep massage, they never ever did again, I became so fine about the guy getting up and leaving, so knowledgable that he’d be back after his pouting, after just another four days. His power over me was much reduced and after that our relationship became a lot more equalitarian.

My memory of the feelings from that utter pain had been stored in the muscles and formed my unconscious reactions. No amount of psychoanalysis was going to release that. Intervention on the muscle was required. Body, mind, soul.

Curing chronic pain involves healing mind and body. And this raises the vibration of your soul. And your attractiveness to others.


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