Men are having babies late too!

Every so often, some news paper, some family planning clinic has some poster urging women to have children earlier.

I do agree that it is important to have children when our eggs are more likely to be at their best. Biologically, we are a species programmed for early conception, 18-30, 30 being already towards the late. I also think it is fair to have children when our life expectancy is still long, so that they do not have to suffer too much too son. Finally, it helps if we still have the energy to do sleepless nights, of-course.

But putting responsibility on women alone is so wrong! I know many women who would have liked to have had babies 10 years before they did but men of the same generation were into travelling or womanising or taking charge of their careers or having drunken weekends and would not hear of starting a family.

If we as a society feel we need to change the sensibilities of our youth to have babies when their bodies are still at their prime for it, then we must try and reach both genders in sensibilisatiom campaigns.

If we feel we want to see how fast evolution can adapt to our social changes, then so be it, who knows, Nature has a way of surprising us.


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