The process of creativity

… is slow 🙂

I have been working for the same company for 3 years. I often present at events. Yesterday for the first time I have managed to weave together all the points of my story to make a quick-ass presentation! Over 100 people were with me every step of the talk and the stand was swarming with questions in the end.

Getting to this nice way of weaving those ideas took me three years!!! When I decided to rewrite the talk, I spent one day just writing the abstract. Then I procrastinated. Loads. I read other people’s slides and progressed sloooowly. And felt very very lost. Then, the night before the presentation, I put it all together over a couple of hours. Slept on it. And the 30 minutes before the event I shuffled a few more slides around to finally get that one perfect sequence.

I think when we start early then procrastinate before completion, we leave space for our brains to fill in the gaps of what we do not know explicitly yet. Make a few more neural connections. And when it is finally ready, it all blurts out in now time.

When I was writing my thesis, which took 4 years, I had a similar experience. For one month I couldn’t approach the conclusion. Weaving together independent pieces of information that I worked on over all that time just seemed impossible. Yet intuitively I knew they were not independent, they were connected somehow, I just couldn’t verbalise it yet. Then one day, I was due at a Greek Easter lunch at the house of this amazing cook! And I didn’t go. Instead I jumped straight out of bed and spent 9 hours pouring out my full conclusion on pen and paper. It was amazin, seeing it all come together so elegantly!

I am hoping the same will happen on this blog. I have been wanting to write up my experience with self-healing in a congruent way, so that it might make sense to others the way it intuitively makes to me. I want to maybe turn it into a research project so that I can mathematically prove what I have learnt. So that this knowledge will not be lost with me, like the wheel, which got invented soooo many times.

Btw, what I say about creativity and procrastination is no news. A Ted Talk just the other day spoke of this. And also the movie Adaptation (2002) was on this topic. Oh the moments of profound doubt and pain creativity involves. Profounder still when you have no idea pain is part of creating 😀 Worth a watch


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