Sad day for Europe

So racism and xenophobia are prevalent in England and now it’s been proven. To tell you the truth, it’s no surprise, we could see it behind the smirks, behind the jokes of a few. For example

– A former colleague used to ask me where I live, I’d say Bermondsey St, he’d say ah Elephant and Castle. This happened a few times. Idiot.

– Or the old academic lady, so badly dressed thinking she was so posh, who told me with an English smile how some group was “all proper British, or should I say proper European given our company today, you know no Chinese”.

– Or a friend who used to wonder if we should close the borders so as to preserve a dying culture. And that was a friend of mine who would never call himself the first words of this post. Culture doesn’t die, it evolves, sooner or later into something better than it was.

– My former boss, who was otherwise totally adorable, used to gloat at how there have never been government coups or revolutions here, like we had in Portugal in 74. He’d say this often, until I told him in Portugal there are no terrorists and have never been, no one feels they need to blow themselves up in order to be heard.

It’s ok, I didn’t want to be here anyway, it’s my company that insists, and I was on my way out before today already.

I think the EU itself will crumble. Now Denmark will want a referendum too. I have lived there 20 years ago. They would have voted out back then already. For the same reasons. And many other countries would too. Which is why referendums have always been discussed and avoided in so many countries.

Truth is, like my good friend from Venezuela was saying, Europe is racist and xenophobist. It’s just how it is. Even Portugal feels itself slightly embarrassed in front of other Europeans and feels underlying superior to non-Europeans. Even I have had thoughts that I combat. We are all idiots. Thing is some of us combat our idiocy more than others. But we are all idiots. Like my same friend says “we are all equal”! We are all here doing our best for our children and for our dreams and we all have have strengths and weaknesses that bring us up and down in history and in life, but no one is inherently above or below.

To all my English and Scottish friends who have been so kind to me for 11 years, please forgive my venting about your fellow countrymen. I made an effort to stay quiet and thankful all this time, but today, in front of evidence, the water filled the vase.

My biggest mistake? All my savings are in pounds. Argh


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