The EU did need a wake up call

Maybe this BRexit thing is not such a bad thing after all. Maybe it will be a wake up call for the EU. We have seen the EU abuse its power since 2008. In fact, we have seen Germany take on too dictating a role, imposing inconceivable pain on Greece and Portugal for the sake of the improvement of its own exports, oh the money they made off of our unemployment, interest, and suffering. Any economist in the world (and I studied plenty of that) knows you do not come out of crises by raising taxes and creating unemployment, you come out of crises by lowering taxes and doing structural changes that even out the imbalances of the economy, such as thinning governmental institutions or freeing labour markets. But no, the solution was “they misbehaved, they must be punished”. And blindly and purpouselessly they bled them. The EU replaced itself to elected governments to impose the law of idiocy. Do you want to be part of that EU? I don’t. I want to be part of a EU that puts people first, that solves problems together and that listens to the votes of the people. Now if this referendum had happened in Greece or Portugal or Malta or Romania, noone would care. But the UK is one of the three pillars of the EU. They were dumb enough to let it fall out of the Euro in 1993 and regretted it ever since, they will do what it takes now to make a EU where Europeans might actually want to belong. And it is one that is not a puppy in the hands of Merkel.


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