We’re going backwards so fast!

So this is how the world has gone through phases of utter idiocy in the past.

The U.K. has just voted a ridiculous vote, a break it all vote, break the EU, break the world economy, break most of all its own financial well-being, break its modernity, but worse, break its “United” as well. The HSBC is moving its headquarters to France and many will follow. This country tumbles back into the dark ages. Because people were playing a parade.

There’s that blond guy in the US, Trump of an elephant, also being voted in what is most likely a defiance of the people against the establishment. But a dumb one cos it’s a shoot in the foot. Reminds me when the Italians  voted Cicciolina the porn start for senator, it was an act of defiance, but a cool one and at least a few hundred men managed to touch her naked breasts mid street for it, nobody wants to touch anything of Trump.

The Arab Spring was also a cry against the politicians. And against the lack of choices young people have in countries where only old people have access to decent jobs. But again, even amongst cries in streets and demonstrations and unrest, there was logic, there was a desire for something better. Here in the UK there’s just nostalgia for the past. In the country that still hasn’t figured out how taps work. In the country that does not make highways so as to preserve warehouses from the XVIIIs. It’s a country that does not like change and wants its country back. Of afternoon tea, scones with jam, and local packed beer pubs. Good luck with that.

And then there’s the songs, the rap songs in the US, ever more eroding of women. And the growing rape culture. A disrespect for women like I have never seen. Like I did not see when I visited Iran! And so many sad women, with little self-esteem. After all our conquests! 

This whole thing reminds me of two recent movies – “Agora” and “The Physician”. Both are about the fall of all the acquisitions of enlightenment at the hands of ignorant fundamentalists. It happened in the II century in Europe, when scientists were condemned by the rising of Christianity to the places of political power (Agora) and it happened before the XI century in Arab countries, when fundamentalist Muslims destroyed the places of study and maths (The Physician). History has many a times walked backwards and, after 60 solid years of progression in the West, it seems like we want that too, we’ve had too much of a good thing.

Truth be told that that good thing was obtained at the cost of a lot of going backwards in other countries. The US backing fundamentalists minorities in Saudi Arabia and other Arab counties for the sake of oil power has been one major reason, I think, for the erosion of the quality of life in so many places. In Iran itself women used to wear their hair uncovered in the 70s!

Thing is, society cannot evolve alone, a group cannot grow at the cost of others. At some point those others are going to grow large enough and decapitate the queen. Wasn’t that what the rise of Communism was about too? That’s what we learn again and again and somehow we always forget again and again. Why do we forget? Because a new generation comes about which bares no notice of the paths trotted before and thinks they know better. In the UK it’s the old, who were brought up in post-war peace and think they know it all, think savagery does not exist here and cannot come from them. Right. Whenever one group of people deems itself superior to others, big shit happens and they do, so much so they don’t get their taps checked – what could the rest of the world possibly know better?

I never dreamed I’d witness times as these. Maybe the Queen will come out of her shelter and stop this madness already. Say “Dudes, I don’t want to loose Scotland and the Northern Ireland over which so much blood and tears have been spilled, so we’re staying in the EU and enough talk”. That could work, right?


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