The Politics of DesEducation, The Falacy of Democracy, and The Trump Tramp

It has for long been said that uneducated people are easier to control. And that is the reason why leaders of undeveloped countries do not invest in education: people focus on sex and rock and roll or samba and caipirinha, whatever the combination may be, and governors go on with their shameless stealing for yet another generation. In election time, they offer some bags of rice and the empoverished populace think it is right to pay back with their vote, as gratitude for the only gifts they have ever received.

In developed countries people know not to sell their vote for a bag of rice, even because they do not lack rice, so you’d think you’re safe.

The US and the UK, with their dual class system whereby if your parents are wealthy you get the best schools and if they are not you get Big Brother, alcohol, raping rap, and are very likely doomed to a lullaby life like your parents have had, how does uneducation play out? 

Generation after generation, with politicians speaking more or less the same language to each other, with terms so disconnected from people’s lives, people simply voted less and abstention rose to unprecedented levels. Politicians thought they had stricken jackpot, “we can do what we want, they don’t care”! And the divide between wealthy and poor just grew and grew. 

Until… Until demagogues rose to say bulls**t that uneducated hopeless people ate up as if someone finally represented them against a political class that oppressed them and sucked them dry. Now we have enough people playing their vote as if politics were a reality show and crazy decisions get approved. Brexit, really? Shoot your economic welfare in the foot, cripple the chances of your children to progress anywhere worth going, become a rudimentary society, by choice, so a few idiots rise to power and leave like a tsunami that caused havoc and left the leftovers to the vouchers. Trump, really?! The big round button in the hand of that?!

The dummification of the people in “developed” countries, after enough generations grew up to it that they make a majority vote, means not more power but loss of power by reasonable politicians. And that was a shoot in the foot long ago.

Democracy does not work well in dumb societies. It only works well when most people are involved. Like Denmark and the other Nordic countries, where politicians are forced to resign for receiving a discount for a door for their houses (true story).

Democracy requires education. Otherwise the country falls in the hands of the first demagogue who pretends to be the people’s friend for the sake of his own pocket.

If the US and the UK did not feel themselves so inherently superior to everyone else, perhaps they would have realised this on time. Any time a people thinks they are inherently superior, their fall from power begins. Problem is the rest of all of us will have to co-pay that bill. Argh


How to stop immigration? Unbigotedly!

It’s a global world, we either grow all together or we sink all together. Borders can resist governments, but they can not resist people who want their fair chance in life and not death in the fields we left behind. Want to stop immigration and protect your backyard? STOP WAR IN SYRIA now. END HUNGER IN AFRICA now. STOP PALESTINE INJUSTICE now.
You can if you really want to

Forward head posture and your adolescent

I’ve been seeing it more and more. Adolescents and young adults with forward head posture. This is the result of growing up with way too much computer and no knowledge of how to handle them. Stop it now while you can!

If you use a laptop, but a screen to attach to it!! It’s not even expensive!! And your health or your child’s health is worth it!!

Raise the height of your screen to level it’s top with your eyes and bring it as close as needed for you to be able to see the screen whislst sitting back on your chair.

Sit with your bump to the back of the chair.

When you decide to raise your head, don’t just tilt it backwards, leaving the giraffe neck as is! You must move your head backwards starting from the bottom of the neck on the back. Get each vertebrae of your neck to go as backwards and upwards as you can. Then tilt your nose down. Your head has to go backwards, not up!

When walking, stick your tummy in. Imagine you have a belt. Tie it as far as it can go. That’s the 10th hole on your belt. Now release it half way. Then a little more to the 4th hole on the belt. That’s the right amount of muscle tension on your tummy. Use it all the time.

Tilt your hip inwards probably. Chances are you tend to stick your bump out a bit too much.

Do the towel trick. My Mum cured a hunched back at 65 this way! Take a towel and wrap it so as to make a role of it. Lie on top of the towel. For people with forward head posture you want to place the rolled towel underneath your stomach while you are facing up. For people with the opposite problem, hunched back and hip inwards, i.e. too straight a back, you want to place the towel underneath your waste. Rest on it for 10 minutes at night and 10 minutes in the morning. When the time is up, do not rush!, roll sideways, remove the role, rest for another couple of minutes.

This can be cured. Stick to it!!

The more the merrier. Polytheism was such a better idea!

This one village, Jerusalem, gave the world the concept of monotheism – there is only one God, i.e. one only version of the truth, our truth, and we are all still fighting for who’s right, thousands of years down the line.

People believing there are many gods, regardless of how many gods there actually are, would have been much more useful. Everybody can be right at the same time! “You have your god so you uphold your values, I have a different god so I uphold different values, who knows which god is more important, let them figure it out, let’s go play football, you and I”.

The Jewish people came up with this idea. Not only did they say there is only ONE God, they also said it was THEIR god. Theirs, the chosen people’s. What lack of modesty to think that God would choose one people over another, that God would prefer some humans (“us”, to be precise) to others! I’m pretty sure that if God exists he doesn’t have favourite children. As Christ later came to declare.

Anyway, wish the idea hadn’t been so catchy. There would still be wars, over politics as in the end they always are, but there’d be lots less fundamentalism. And a much smaller ability of the wealthy to motivate the poorer to do their bidding, in the disgusting way they always have in the monotheistic parts of the world.