The more the merrier. Polytheism was such a better idea!

This one village, Jerusalem, gave the world the concept of monotheism – there is only one God, i.e. one only version of the truth, our truth, and we are all still fighting for who’s right, thousands of years down the line.

People believing there are many gods, regardless of how many gods there actually are, would have been much more useful. Everybody can be right at the same time! “You have your god so you uphold your values, I have a different god so I uphold different values, who knows which god is more important, let them figure it out, let’s go play football, you and I”.

The Jewish people came up with this idea. Not only did they say there is only ONE God, they also said it was THEIR god. Theirs, the chosen people’s. What lack of modesty to think that God would choose one people over another, that God would prefer some humans (“us”, to be precise) to others! I’m pretty sure that if God exists he doesn’t have favourite children. As Christ later came to declare.

Anyway, wish the idea hadn’t been so catchy. There would still be wars, over politics as in the end they always are, but there’d be lots less fundamentalism. And a much smaller ability of the wealthy to motivate the poorer to do their bidding, in the disgusting way they always have in the monotheistic parts of the world.


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