Forward head posture and your adolescent

I’ve been seeing it more and more. Adolescents and young adults with forward head posture. This is the result of growing up with way too much computer and no knowledge of how to handle them. Stop it now while you can!

If you use a laptop, but a screen to attach to it!! It’s not even expensive!! And your health or your child’s health is worth it!!

Raise the height of your screen to level it’s top with your eyes and bring it as close as needed for you to be able to see the screen whislst sitting back on your chair.

Sit with your bump to the back of the chair.

When you decide to raise your head, don’t just tilt it backwards, leaving the giraffe neck as is! You must move your head backwards starting from the bottom of the neck on the back. Get each vertebrae of your neck to go as backwards and upwards as you can. Then tilt your nose down. Your head has to go backwards, not up!

When walking, stick your tummy in. Imagine you have a belt. Tie it as far as it can go. That’s the 10th hole on your belt. Now release it half way. Then a little more to the 4th hole on the belt. That’s the right amount of muscle tension on your tummy. Use it all the time.

Tilt your hip inwards probably. Chances are you tend to stick your bump out a bit too much.

Do the towel trick. My Mum cured a hunched back at 65 this way! Take a towel and wrap it so as to make a role of it. Lie on top of the towel. For people with forward head posture you want to place the rolled towel underneath your stomach while you are facing up. For people with the opposite problem, hunched back and hip inwards, i.e. too straight a back, you want to place the towel underneath your waste. Rest on it for 10 minutes at night and 10 minutes in the morning. When the time is up, do not rush!, roll sideways, remove the role, rest for another couple of minutes.

This can be cured. Stick to it!!


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