Girls like money. Right. Take a look at yourself

It’s been my experience that the more well off I get the more men want to marry me. I want to think it’s not that greedy thing guys see in girls.

– In a time where so many people struggle, including guys, meeting someone who doesn’t is refreshing and surprising.

– I am seen as providing access to a life they can’t get to otherwise, with any travel anytime and all the meals one fancies.

– Guys like girls who heighten their social status. Showing off a girl who is almost as pretty as the professionally pretty girls but can also talk equal to equal with just about anyone sorta does that.

– When so many girls search for emotional harbours, on comes Ana wanting to exploit the world full of independence. Bit scary, but exciting stuff.

So maybe that’s why so many men resent not having a car that attracts girls. Because they’d be attracted by a girl with a big car too!

Personally a man’s earthly possessions have never done much to get me ticking. Nor have their looks. It’s a combination of things – their professionalism counts, but their ability to look into my eyes does too, extensive hugs, listen and talking, open-mindness, lightness of heart, liking of cycling and hiking, laughter, simplicity of ways, and the depths we can reach in our intimacy, all that does it for me lots more. And yet I do like the idea of a man who can keep up with me financially, without burdening either of us. 


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