The colour of olives and Southern Europeans

Olives are either green or black, as the image shows. Yet in the UK somehow it is also the colour of Southern Europeans! I believe it started because our beautiful eyes look like olives. And somehow it evolved to encompass the mildly sandy tone of our white complection.

Brits say they are white and we are olive.

I find it profoundly offensive. At least Hitler had the good sense to call his pride race “Arian” and allowed the colour “white” to be shared by even his hated Jews.

By British definition everyone who is white has transparent skin that turns lobster colour in the sun. Has hair from brown to blond, where blond is Arian and brown is British, but we don’t call Arians Arians anymore cos that has weird reminiscences, so we just call us all white. Anyone with the mildest bit of melamine, i.e. south of Germany, is something else.

Sweeties, I’m sorry, you do not own the colour white. White is the colour of Europe and Asia natives. It includes different shades of white, different strands of hair, then somewhere along the Sahara it changes tone. But all that matters little, because we are all humans and all the same. So stop proclaiming your colour as central and others as peripherical. Your ways as best and others as less good. And do check your pipes, it’s ridiculous to only have drinkable water in the cold tap of the kitchen, seriously, so outdated!


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