My 42. Vibes. God. And what we are doing here.

I believe in God. Because I believe in vibes. I believe there are constantly two choices for each of us: love or fear. Love is the energy of all good things (and good vibes) – trust, optimism, happiness. Love believes in the best in us and others and the future. Love expands our chest, lets us take in more air, cleans our cells and leaves them ready for come what may.  Then there’s fear, contracting, conniving, expecting the worst from the Universe and from people around us, depriving oxygen from come what may, fear is the basis for ‘us versus them’, fear takes on weapons and engages war. Want to kill your love affair? Let fear creep in. It kills it within days. 

When we choose love, love for ourselves too, the whole universe conspires to make us right. When we act on fear, likewise. It’s like the yin and yang, betting on God or the Devil, light or darkness, lightness or burden, life or death.

I think each moment of our lives that we act based on love and optimism and we believe in ourselves and a better world with all our hearts, we inspire the same good vibes in those around us. We exude light and people want more of that and good things come to us. Fearful people can’t stand the light of that and walk away to their dark holes or they maybe start wondering if maybe there is not a better way and start taking their fearful steps towards the sun, when they’re ready.

I believe that our role in life is to bring ourselves closer and closer to a space in the sun. One that works for our love lives and professional lives and our role as citizens and the feeling we get deep inside our souls when we go to bed. I think the more we do and feel this, the more positive vibes live in us and around us. And the closer we come to God.

I believe in the persistence of the soul after death. Those 21 Grams (watch the Sean Penn movie). I believe our soul cares only about love and fear and cares nothing about our other earthly affairs. 

I believe God is the congregation of all good vibes in the world. Therefore omnipresent and omniscient because it is boundless. Good vibes and very evolved souls understand the Universe as one entity, are devoid of ego and vanity, when they come together they mix in an entity of pure love and light and make 1. What we as humans came to call God and in our lame understanding imagine in the image of us. Which “he” is, because perfect love is attainable to our souls as we progress through our path of self-development from fear to love throughout the millennia. As we progress, the limits between us and the universe dissolve, as ego dissolves, and we become pure light that can unite with the rest of God. And until we reach there, we can help those more fearful than us also progress towards the light.

I believe God wanted nothing more for us than for us to willingly grow into him and become part of him. Hence the idea of us being in “His” image. 

I believe “He” created humanity and creation as a way to allow the universe to converge to him, as a way to transform fear into love, minus into plus, in the whole universe. How do you create matter from vibes? By compressing it, says Einstein (E=mc^2, any small amount of matter contains a very large amount of energy). Nothing gets created, all gets transformed. As we, in matter form, evolve from minus to plus, from fear to love, we cleanse an awful lot of vibes, so it’s all very efficient really.

And that’s my 42, my answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.


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