Why do married men like single women?

They lie, they steal, they lay the burden on you, the techniques differ but every so often a man with a big heart pours his silences open to you and eye in eye searches with starvation for a speck of soul him and his wife lost ever so long ago. Arm in arm and eye in eye, slippery slope after slippery slope that he carefully lays for you, you think you are discovering love all over again, with an intensity you knew was possible but had forgotten existed.

Yet the intensity leads nowhere. The huge wave dies off at the beach. You wind up alone and your man uses all that creativity and light he stole from you to rekindle his own sex life and his emotional life back home. You could almost say the unfaithfulness was his most faithful act. And breaking your heart, knowingly, planned, coldly, was “the right thing to do” and just couldn’t be helped. Oh the irony. Oh the coward.

Girls, if you see lingering eyes offering the water you’ve been drenching for in this crazy big desert of a world, steer clear, it’s a nasty mirage that wants to suck you dry and spit you out, go to the beach instead.


NHS abuse and private insurance stinginess… and noone complains!

It takes a certain kind of place for no one to complain at blunt abuse! I work for a fancy City job that pays private health insurance for me. The terms of the health insurance policy however are that any specialist appointment must be sanctioned by the NHS doctor. And so here I am, pre-8am, in the line for the public doctor together with people who actually do need free health care, taking means from those who need it because my insurance is too stingy! 

Now, I wonder, why does the NHS accept playing this sad role?! Why don’t they make private insurances have their own general practitioners and stop bothering them? 

And why aren’t all users complaining? Why such indulgence for the establishment, such acquiescence for the rules someone else drew up that accommodate for their own pocket interests?

Such a strange place…

If you’re searching for a job…

… don’t put as your current employment on LinkedIn “Actively searching for opportunities”, makes everyone chiver in fear and run! Write what you want to be, “Astronaut” and then have a summary section saying why you’re so good at it, and then highlight in your CV everything that makes you possibly so good at it, even if it’s all in the Education section.

If you want something, don’t want something, be something, even before you formally are something. Be the change you want to see!