It seems like a new age topic, of the whole of the last century, aren’t you tired yet? And every so often you see a bunch of women meeting to discuss ‘Women in Techology’, ‘Women in the job market’. They get together and discuss how men oppress us and how our salaries are lower and blablabla play the victim role so well they even believe it!

I can tell you two things about that. Too many women are too happy getting paid for drinks and dinners and trips and flats and mink coats. Not just getting but demanding them. And feeling unloved if they don’t. How convenient. Too many women in too many cultures are happy to have their boyfriends and husbands pay for their education and to stay home and look after the kids, delegating on the sucker the responsibility to worry about how to provision for a bunch of people for the rest of their lives. Too many women are happy to keep 50% on the divorce settlement, 50% of all the money the guy made while they stayed at home and grew fat and complained. Cos yes too many women are happy to complain an awful lot. At how they are not recognised by society. They are happy to deny their exs the right to see their own children enough, as if they didn’t know a child getting on with their father matters to the child even more than to the father! And all this is protected by law in the UK! A feminist (?????!!!!) law that considers women too idiotic to fend for themselves. And they believe it! And meet to complain about it from the top of the tight dresses and high heals from which they accept yet another free drink at the local pub and call themselves feminists, dispensing sex like pills over a counter, cos that’s how little they think of themselves. Too many women are happy to take the role of high pay prostitutes. And not even very good at it. Cos in the middle of all the selfish complaining there is very little actual femininity, actual caring loving attitude, any ability to give and to receive.

I pay for my own drinks, my own flights, I work and no man is going to put me under his financial dependency, why would I do that to myself?!! Or to him?!! Or to us?!! My man, as my equal, is expected to keep me happy between the sheets and stand proud by my side when we walk down the street. And hug me tight if I fall ill. And split the dinner bill. And that’s that!

And at work? I never put myself in the poor little girl position! Much less the pretty little girl attitude! “Yes I’m a woman, so?!” is my attitude. I speak to anyone any age any gender as equals! Anyone! Cos we’re all human and no matter how important we’ve become, people love being recognised for their humanity! “I’ve been hired for this position, you can convince me I’m wrong, but you can’t impose me I’m wrong”. But a lot of women don’t do this, they don’t stand up for themselves in the only moment it matter, eye to eye, in the stand up for themselves moment. So they complain ever after. It’s human nature, or just nature, that you must get people’s respect by standing your ground the first few seconds/minutes of conversation. Minutes. Hold their gaze up proud. Smile. Speak with confidence. Never ever think of your gender! Just a proud worthy human with maybe great ideas, maybe less great, we’ll see, but just as worthy anyway. Do your homework and go for it. If you believe it, if you really believe in yourself, why won’t they? And you get the respect. And eventually the salary that goes with it. Because you’re worth it! And thanks feminism for me.


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