“Freedom isn’t free” is just wrong

It is a huge human sacrifice militaries and their families are asked to make when countries are active in war and they just shouldn’t be. But it is not to ensure the freedom and safety of Americans. American freedom is ensured by its Constitution and has been for many many a decade. It is to ensure the wealth of fat old men at the top of the food chain. Or why do you think Iraq was fought? Why do you think Angola was manipulated into 25 years of civil war? And so many other places? Americans and the world would be a lot safer if so many resources were not spent meddling in international politics (and complicated age-old human realities they cannot possibly begin to understand the many nuances to) since WWII. 9/11 simply wouldn’t have happened for example. Just wouldn’t. No amount of money is worth a single human life. Not American lives. Not non-American lives. Wake up World!! It is just not right to believe in the myth that it is freedom that soldiers fight and die for. It is just wrong to teach it to our children; they fight for greedy manipulative old men at the top of the foodchain and the money in their pockets. And the freedom talk is a very very wrong lullaby. Please stop believing in it!


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