Call for general elections in the UK

This woman who is playing with our destinies has not been elected. Let’s require an election that will allow the people to validate its Brexit decision or not.


3 thoughts on “Call for general elections in the UK

  1. You are obviously a remainer who clearly does not understand the way General Elections work in the British democratic system. People vote for a party in a general election not the leader of that party, simple as.


    • Exactly. Let’s have people vote. A lot has changed since the last election. It’s a bread new government on top of a party who screwed up in more ways than one. Let’s have people re-express themselves. What’s happening in the country is too important for going on uncertainty


  2. I don’t think there is a need for the people to vote again right now. And if they did i couldn’t see a change in government, Liberals are lower down the rankings than UKip which doesn’t say much for them and Labour are pretty much unelectable at the moment with Corbyn in charge and they know it so they wouldn’t agree to one right now anyway. Don’t forget they tried to get rid of Corbyn not so long ago because they know he is unelectable and failed, it is only the unions that have kept him as leader. And though i don’t particularly like the tories i do think May is the one to take us forward in the negotiations, she certainly has more balls than Corbyn.


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