Tip for improving pain and posture

I have been doing something I learnt in chikong a while back and that was also taught to me by a Thai medicine doctor a long time ago.

And it’s been causing a beautiful stretch in the back of the skull that has been reducing the stagnation and stiffness in my neck and shoulders and even my rib cage by a lot!
In just three days! Can’t wait to see what further helps it will bring me!

It’s dead simple to do and no counter indications whatsoever.

Here goes

It’s just touching the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and taking the tongue backwards until it reaches the soft part of the roof of the mouth.

I have been taking long walks like this or basically doing this all the time I can, front of tongue touching the soft part of the roof of the mouth.

Not difficult at all! And so very helpful! Give it a try and let me know here in a few days.


Fitting in a macho’istic world

I used to say that the more you think about feminism, the more you become a victim of it. I used to enter any room paying no heid to the fact that I’m a woman and making everyone take my professional opinion as, just that, my professional opinion.

Recently, it started bothering me. It’s started bothering me loads! Since a man raised his voice and bullied me. A rude man of no importance did that. More than once. And men around him who observed cowarded into saying it was nothing. And my boss took their word for it and says I am too sensitive. And her boss told me, before I even described the incident, that he thought it wasn’t macho’ism, that that didn’t exist in my company. And that’s it. All of a sudden, it’s normal, I’m weird, for not accepting being spoken to in a certain way. They gang up cos I don’t stay in my quiet corner. This guy’s boss tried to sleep with me once. I said no. After that my work and presence goes from being delightful to full of fault. It’s all so weird I sometimes wonder if maybe I’m not seeing things straight. How can this man raise his voice and it be normalised?

I don’t want to work with people like this anymore.

But the attempts to keep a leach on women are so pervasive! Even from your loved ones. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! I DO NOT FIT the tiny corner anyone has reserved for me! I must move on.