Placebo effect and he healing power of the brain

As we know, the scientific method is based on holding a test sample and a control sample, whereby the control sample serves to measure the self-healing power of the brain that comes simply from the passage of time or the sensation that the belief the person who subject to an experiment has of its power to make them better. Instead of just researching chemicals, I wish a lot more research were done into how to potentiate the measurable self-healing power of the brain. The brain, that vast resource of which it is said we only master a mere 10%. Instead, often placebo effect is spoken of disrespectfully, as in non-scientific, as if worthless.

Personally and through many many anecdotes I find potentiating feelings of happiness and exercise is a great source of self-healing. A good friend of mine had been postponing multi-sclerosis advances for 15 years by making himself travel the world as often as possible and by laughing and joking all the time and by being hard on exercise, in this order. His senses get entertained with the sites, his body sees that if he’s doing all this he can’t be that sick, and instead of its immune system getting orders to attack its own nerve sells so hard, it gets orders of staying on top of the bike or checking out this amazing new culture.

The other day another friend was coming out of an infection after two days in the hospital. She had also just fought with her boyfriend and, being a foreigner in his land, felt exposed to the elements. She felt exhausted by any walk at all. I visited and stayed with her in a nice hotel. The feeling of comfort and safety over sleep were enough for her brain to get out of stress mode and get her confident in her health again.

That’s the thing to research scientifically. Getting your brain out of stress mode. Not via psychedelic pills. But via happiness and safety. Especially on that stage where the body has fought off the infection and now just needs to believe it. For myself I know my back heals faster when I know there’s someone there looking after me, or better a friend who chats to me and makes me feel safe and happy. Then the brain kick-starts the healing. Cos it comes out of stress. Let’s invest more in this.


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