Osteopaths versus chiropractors

The difference between osteos and chiros is that osteos attempt to give you more comfort in your current posture while chiros attempt to bring you closer to everyone’s theoretical perfect posture.

If on the one hand chiros’ goal is perhaps impossible when you are too broken up already, on the other hand osteos’ not aiming for perfection leaves you in a grey space of nothingness and discomfort. The posture they aim at for you derives from their personal interpretation of your state rather than anything sustained or scientific – they are after all not God to define what a body should look like and I feel safer and way more comfortable aiming at God’s proportions, sorry for that.

Let me give an example. I had a twist in my hip for years. My osteo repeatedly helped me deal with the crisis by aiding my fascia relax and doing small clicks to hurt vertebrae. My chiro instead removed the twist, done. I did have to see him a couple of times, but twist gone!

Chiros however have a reducing reputation. Mostly, I believe, because many give ten minutes appointments that are, if you ask me, a theft and a scam of incommensurable evil. They can’t heal you right in less than 30 minutes, period. So make sure to find a good one. But make sure you get one. And, as always, if your results are not good enough yet, get another and another, no one knows all there is to know about a body, together they cover more ground.

Good luck 🙂