I decided to open a blog because I am opinionated. Tho not rudely in your face opinionated, I think.

Since I was very young, I started understanding the world via hypotheses, that I corroborate or dispell as I accumulate more for or against evidence for it. In time, my hypotheses crystallise into, I find, some pretty cool theories. And, now at 41 (and still looking good, btw), I have them for all sorts of walks of life. From God to politics, from health to religion, from humanism to environment, the magic in number 7, from love to faithfulness (to whom?),  you will see in time a full breadth of constructs from a at times consistent mind. Maybe you will agree with some things, maybe you will find others to be outrageous and irreconcilable with your own view of the world, this is my view and it counts!

I will tell you one thing though. My views on health are cool. And ground breaking. Really ground breaking. And really cool. All in due time. For now, this is my intro.


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